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Where’s the Juice? Pom wonderful VS Ocean Spray

26 Jan


An interesting piece about the false advertising lawsuit between POM and Ocean Spray, which I’ve previoulsy reported that Ocean Spray won.

FDA rules on naming juice

3 Jan

Ever wonder how our bottlers go about putting all that stuff on the labels?  Here are the rules!  And with all these rules, you still can’t figure out how much cranberry is in a bottle.  huh.


POM is wonderful!

2 Jan




ok so my point in showing these photos is NOT to pick on Ocean Spray…almost all juice bottlers do the same thing.  Look on the back, on the ingredients list.  POM puts the percentage behind each ingredient.  Pomegrante 85%, Cranberry 15%.  On the other label, it puts down all the ingredients, with no percentage.  I guess that on the OS label, cranberry is the largest juice because it is listed first, so this bottle has at least 25% cranberry juice, because it lists cranberry first out of 4 juices.  It might be more, but who knows?  I think the US juice bottlers ought to just do the labels so we can figure it out!  We already know (from prior posts) that the consumer doesn’t read the labels very well.  Let’s help them out.