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Pom not so Wonderful

22 May


So the Pom people are in trouble over their health claims.  an interesting read.


Ok, so here are some photos of cranberries in China!

14 Mar

So here are our cranberries in China!  No bottles just the waxy paper bottles. Please note that even in China they list % cranberry content…25%!  Not bad! (Still want more though)


Juice makers are put on notice, and we have to agree….

1 Feb

http://cspinet.org/new/201202011.html This is an article about juice makers and how they put tiny amounts of something in a bottle and make health claims.  As cranberry growers, I think we would agree that our favorite, healthy berry should be front and center in many, many drinks.  MOST people can’t eat/drink cranberries “straight up” so to speak and need a little sweetener.  I say, choose your sweetener.  We all know that the bottlers use every type of sweetener out there…cane sugar, beet sugar, agave, apple juice, pear juice, Splenda, Truvia….just read the labels, people.  It is mostly on the label.  The only thing missing is how much cranberry is in the bottle!

The juice company experts have told me that they make juices that people like (they test the heck out of them) AND are affordable.  They also tell me that people SAY they want one thing (more nutrition) but make their purchases according to taste and price.  I think they are missing a whole bunch of people that want the juice companies to tell them straight up, what is in the bottle, how much of it and spell it out.  How about reallygoodjuice  branded juice with all the particulars on the bottle?  What do you think?


Where’s the Juice? Pom wonderful VS Ocean Spray

26 Jan


An interesting piece about the false advertising lawsuit between POM and Ocean Spray, which I’ve previoulsy reported that Ocean Spray won.

Info about the orange juice fungicide.

22 Jan



Tropicana is sued over 100% juice claim

11 Jan

I didn’t see this coming…http://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2012/01/10/local-woman-sues-juice-maker-over-claims-of-being-pure/



we grow cranberries and what is it about fractionalization?

9 Jan

This is a repost of an earlier post.


This came across my news feed today ;http://www.smallcapnetwork.com/The-Next-Health-Trend-Get-Ready-for-Dietary-Supplement-Ingredients-and-Natural-Ingredients-CYAN-CDXC-COT/s/via/3414/blog/view/p/mid/1/id/20/

It is basically a story about the future of “natural” dietary supplements.

Fractionalization is all the rage…the scientists take apart fruits and vegetables…fractionalize…and then add them to whatever.  The question I have, and what we are trying to answer through fingerprinting, is what is a cranberry and when can you call something cranberry.  If you take the skin off and blow out the inside pulp, is it a cranberry?  If you take the seeds out and use just the seeds, is it a cranberry?  If you extract the PACs, is that cranberry? If there is some new amino acid or something that is found in cranberry and you take it out and add it to something else, is it cranberry?

As cranberry growers, our only product is cranberry.  We don’t make all the pills, powders, juice, etc, etc….others do.  We have to protect the cranberry name, because no one else will.  If someone tells you that they will, and they make finished products, they aren’t telling the truth.  They are making money for their stock holders, not you, the cranberry grower.  Oh and if you are a cranberry grower who is a stockholder, you’re just kidding yourself, long-term.

Don’t get me wrong here…. the companies who process and handle our fruit and make good, tasty products that millions of people enjoy are good companies run by really fine people.  I applaud them for their ingenuity and effort.  But it is possible that future growth and profits can have a negative effect on us, if they fractionalize our fruit to the point that they don’t need very much of it OR that they call it cranberry and it doesn’t act like a cranberry.  If they are going to call something cranberry, it should have the properties of a cranberry.  Am I missing something here?

We are going to all that we can do to keep people honest!