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Wow! Big win for POM in the Supreme Court

12 Jun

Wow.  So the US Supreme Court decided that POM can sue Coca Cola under the Lanham act, re false advertising.  Read the article here


The big question in my mind is how will this affect other juice manufacturers that do the same, ie call a juice say, cranberry, when it is mostly apple and pear??  Will they put more cranberry in the bottle or call it apple, pear juice with a splash of cranberry?  I guess we will know more when POM actually sues Coca Cola.  If they win, then change is on its way, we just don’t know which change. 

Ocean Spray to add chilled juices to their lineup?

18 Dec

Heard a rumor today that Ocean Spray announced that they will join with Pepsi/Tropicana to deliver cranberry juice in the refrigerated aisle in the grocery store.

I’m thinking that Simply Cranberry (a Coke product) must have gotten to them. But, I have to say, more cranberry in the store is never a bad idea and Pepsi/Tropicana certainly knows what they are doing when it comes to that store space. I sure hope it has good cranberry content!

Have you seen this article about cranberry juice and low blood pressure?

3 Oct


United Cranberry is on the front page of Produce News

24 Sep

check out the front page of the Produce News here http://www.theproducenews.com/digital_editions/pn092412issue/index.html



New cranberry science

22 May


Love to read about new cranberry science! Way to go Ocean Spray for funding this research.

The good news about the healthful benefits of our cranberries just keeps on coming….

25 Apr

Check out this article about rheumatoid arthritis and our lovely cranberries! More work is needed, but it is a start!



Zero Carb Cranberry post- do cranberrys really make your arteries more elastic?

16 Feb


So this post has a lot of truth to it, and anyone who reads this blog know that I am all about content in cranberry products.  My question for Suzanne (and I will ask her) is what about 100% cranberry juice? It does exist out there, and while not easy to drink “straight”  it is nothing but cranberry. Hmmm