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Sweetened Dried Cranberries in China

14 Mar




Here is bag of SDCs I found in a big grocery store in Kunming, China.  Kunming is the largest city in Yunnan province in southwestern China, a mere 6,000,000 people and where my daughter is studying!  The SDCs were very good, and if you can read the back, sourced in Canada.  I didn’t note the price, but they were expensive.  Also, note that the bag has a zip top, but inside are the smaller packages of cranberries…single serve if you will.  So, there you have it! Cranberries in China.  Yay!

Craisins vs Raisins…this will add fuel to the fire :)

27 Feb®

Besides all this, sweetened dried cranberries TASTE better.  Just saying.

Craisin-Raisin war!

19 Jan

Ok, this is scaring me! Never a good thing to have two groups of farmers spending their hard earned money beating on each other.  Please guys, think about this.