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Nice article about Spray’s overseas business

2 Oct

Here is a nice article about Ocean Spray’s international business. I didn’t know Pepsi is co packing for them in South can find it here Of course we all know about the Chile operation which is also in the article.

New cranberry cocktail formulation on the shelves

24 Sep

I must have missed the press release about Ocean Spray reformulating their flagship Cranberry Juice Cocktail! I found both of these on the shelf at my local grocery store this morning. One is a gallon size and the other 32oz. But still, the labels clearly show that the new cocktail from OS needs to have it’s color enhanced with vegetable juice. I was always understanding that cranberries were plently red and we never needed any artificial colorants. Well, vegetables aren’t artificial, by any means, but gee whiz, cranberries are still red, aren’t they? Oh, and the BIG NEWS is that they dropped the calorie count down 10 calories per serving.

New bottle:


Old bottle:



Madmen and Ocean Spray

11 Jun

I’m a big fan of the 1960’s series Madmen on AMC. If you haven’t seen it, it is all about the advertising guys on Madison Avenue in New York. The episode I watched last night had Ocean Spray in the story line! It was for advertising their juice. I don’t know if this is product placement or what, but pretty cool.

Ocean Spray to acquire Cran Chile

9 Jan
Ocean Spray Acquires Cran Chile Cranberry Processing Business An announcement from Randy Papadellis, President and CEO
Today I am sharing the exciting news that Ocean Spray has acquired a strategically-located cranberry processing business from Cran Chile, located in Lanco, Región de los Ríos, Chile. This acquisition will help Ocean Spray accelerate global demand for dried cranberries and enable us to better compete in the global dried fruit market. Marking our first international acquisition, the new operations will also expand Ocean Spray’s global footprint and establish a Cooperative presence in an important cranberry growing region.  Cran Chile will retain its growing operations and has accepted our invitation become a member of the cooperative.
As you know, Ocean Spray has laid out a set of strategic business imperatives that will help the company achieve its 10-year growth plans and maximize the proceeds paid out to you over time. Aggressively growing SDCs on a global basis and building scale through acquisitions are two key levers in delivering the plan and securing the company’s future. This acquisition is one of the opportunities in Ocean Spray’s Long Range Plan that will help achieve the grower return targets and other objectives in the Plan. I am confident that this transaction will provide long-term benefits for all of you.
The acquisition of the Cran Chile business puts us in the heart of an important cranberry region outside of North America. It will advance the Cooperative’s ability to operate globally and be more competitive in the global marketplace by:
  • Improving our ability to produce and efficiently distribute dried cranberries from a strategic South American location to new and existing international markets.
  • Increasing Ocean Spray’s capacity to produce dried cranberries by approximately 6 percent, or 12 million pounds annually.
  • Providing a valuable source of counter-seasonal cranberries.
Ocean Spray intends to make additional capital investments to the processing facility to increase efficiency, improve yield, and add freezer capacity. We will also work to transition Cran Chile’s customers to Ocean Spray.  All of the approximately 100 Cran Chile plant employees will become Ocean Spray employees. As part of this transaction, all of Cran Chile’s approximately 1,450 acres of producing acreage will be joining Ocean Spray’s A and B Pools.
This acquisition is an exciting milestone for our Cooperative as we strive to build a multinational Cooperative presence, and it will be a catalyst for additional evolution of our culture, business processes, and diversity.
My THIS is certainly big news!  Congrats to Gordon Swanson, owner of Cran Chile! 

Cranberry wars update

26 Nov

Some of the lawyers representing the Independent growers suing Ocean Spray have a website up that you can see here:!

Costco/OceanSpray juice

14 Jun



Now this is some good looking juice! I understand that this is 35% Cranberry, so i am happy! I love high content cranberry products.

Ocean Spray concentrate auction flat

25 Apr

So the Ocean Spray concentrate auction was today and the results were flat, the average price per gallon only up $.10.  I don’t know how many buyers participated in the auction, but clearly the buyers participating don’t feel the need to bid up the price, so they must like the supply out there.  Hmm.  Wonder how that will hold up in August.  The next auction is in July.