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New cranberry science

22 May

Love to read about new cranberry science! Way to go Ocean Spray for funding this research.

Pom not so Wonderful

22 May

So the Pom people are in trouble over their health claims.  an interesting read.


Decas wins an EU health clairm for cranberry. Good job!

2 May

so here is the link for the story:

This is great news!

The cranberry measurement debate, from the source: Complete Phytochemical Solutions

22 Feb

This is the link to Complete’s webpage and announcement of the efforts to commericalize a test for PAC in cranberry.  Check it out!

The cranberry measurement debate Ocean Spray and United Cranberry

22 Feb  So here is Ocean Spray ingredients blog, which is a pretty good info place for all things Ocean Spray and their cranberry measurement post details their efforts to commericalize the cranberry content test that Complete Phytochemical Solutions developed  with United Cranberry support.  So, industry people working together, all good! 

Ocean Spray has also announced the date of the next concentrate auction, April 25, 2012.

Zero Carb Cranberry post- do cranberrys really make your arteries more elastic?

16 Feb

So this post has a lot of truth to it, and anyone who reads this blog know that I am all about content in cranberry products.  My question for Suzanne (and I will ask her) is what about 100% cranberry juice? It does exist out there, and while not easy to drink “straight”  it is nothing but cranberry. Hmmm

Walmart juice

2 Jan





Ok, so I’m checking out the Walmart light cocktail, and what do I see when I compare it my favorite Cranberry cocktail?  OS has upped the % of juice to a total of 50%. but added apple and grape juice to the blend for a total of 50%. the OS light product used to be 27%juice, all cranberry.  So if I want my cranberry, and I do, but I don’t want all the calories, what do I do?  I’ll be buying the Walmart brand.  This is the way I figure out the labels….since there are three juices and cranberry is the most, the amount of cranberry is somewhere between 16.5% and 49%.  Don’t know, cant tell.  Wish they would tell me.