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Updates from the cranberry wars

19 Mar

Some interesting filings in the lawsuit:in this first filing, OS asks the judge to throw out some arguements, and have an oral arguement on others. the second tab lists the attachments for OS’s filing



This is the plaintiff’s response to the OS request.

I have to say, this is why there are judges, lawyers and lawsuits. Both sides have their points, both sides refer to a bunch of legal cases that prove their case. I’m sticking to blogging.

Cranberry wars update

6 Dec


So here is the amended complaint which lists all the plaintiffs, all of whom appear to be from Oregon. At first read, the story is compelling.

Cranberry wars continued

29 Nov

I’ve heard from two different sources (and the website confirms) that the judge has ruled on Ocean Spray’s motion to release the names of the John Does that are suing Ocean Spray in Massachusetts court.  My understanding is that the judge ruled that the names have to be released, but the document isn’t available to be downloaded, so I don’t have that proof, but I believe my sources.  So, there you have it, the names will have to be released for the suit to go forward.  I’m betting that at least some of the original plaintiffs are willing to go forward.  We will see.

Cranberry wars update

26 Nov

Some of the lawyers representing the Independent growers suing Ocean Spray have a website up that you can see here:!

The original complaint filed against Ocean Spray by some independent growers

20 Nov

Here it is, I thought I had posted it, but I forgot! Happy reading…



Cranberry wars: new article

19 Nov

The article above suggests that the plaintiffs (the John Doe growers 1-7) will drop the suit if they have to reveal their names.

Latest Ocean Spray filing

16 Nov


I checked it out, and since this is a public filing, I can post it. So here you go!  This is the filing where Ocean Spray says it wants to know who the John Does are.  Fun reading.