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Cranberries and sugar

25 Jun

Oh boy. This is an article on the meeting in DC on the cranberry caucus.


New study says berries may prevent memory loss. Cranberries!

15 Apr

This new study has been all over the news, and it includes all kinds of berries!  We knew cranberries were good for you!



Cranberry supplements China style

14 Mar

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is HUGE in China.  There are two types of hospitals/doctors over there, TCM and Western (our type with antibiotics, etc, etc)  So, these TCM doctors prescribe herbs for all kinds of illnesses and many many Chinese use these before they go to Western doctors.  The supplement shown here was found in a regular pharmacy, the local Walgreens if you will.  If we could ever find out how to get into the TCM hospitals, look out!

Wal-mart to label healthy foods…this is great news and what we are all about!

17 Feb

So this article is a few weeks old (thanks Mary Brown!) but still right on the money.  Wal-mart is taking the lead in healthy foods.  As cranberry growers, we know that we grow a healthy fruit.  Yes, it is a bit on the tart side, and yes it needs sweetening for all but the most stalwart.  Pick your sweetener, as they are all available.  We need to stop apologizing for the added sugar!  Sweeteners makes cranberry palatable  and cranberries are GOOD FOR YOU.  They are available in every combination.  Our goal at United Cranberry is to identify those products with high cranberry content…and we are working towards our seal of approval.  With the help of companies like Wal-mart, consumers are going to have all the information they need to make the right choice.

Simply Cranberry is on the shelves!

14 Feb

I’ve seen it in Wausau, WI at the Pic and Save….so I am sure it is everywhere.  I will post a photo of the label…but this juice is not from concentrate so I’m thinking it is going to be good.  Let’s all give it a try!  I LOVE new cranberry products 🙂

Juice makers are put on notice, and we have to agree….

1 Feb This is an article about juice makers and how they put tiny amounts of something in a bottle and make health claims.  As cranberry growers, I think we would agree that our favorite, healthy berry should be front and center in many, many drinks.  MOST people can’t eat/drink cranberries “straight up” so to speak and need a little sweetener.  I say, choose your sweetener.  We all know that the bottlers use every type of sweetener out there…cane sugar, beet sugar, agave, apple juice, pear juice, Splenda, Truvia….just read the labels, people.  It is mostly on the label.  The only thing missing is how much cranberry is in the bottle!

The juice company experts have told me that they make juices that people like (they test the heck out of them) AND are affordable.  They also tell me that people SAY they want one thing (more nutrition) but make their purchases according to taste and price.  I think they are missing a whole bunch of people that want the juice companies to tell them straight up, what is in the bottle, how much of it and spell it out.  How about reallygoodjuice  branded juice with all the particulars on the bottle?  What do you think?


Next up: cranberry supplements, extracts, pills and powders

26 Jan

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