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New cranberry cocktail formulation on the shelves

24 Sep

I must have missed the press release about Ocean Spray reformulating their flagship Cranberry Juice Cocktail! I found both of these on the shelf at my local grocery store this morning. One is a gallon size and the other 32oz. But still, the labels clearly show that the new cocktail from OS needs to have it’s color enhanced with vegetable juice. I was always understanding that cranberries were plently red and we never needed any artificial colorants. Well, vegetables aren’t artificial, by any means, but gee whiz, cranberries are still red, aren’t they? Oh, and the BIG NEWS is that they dropped the calorie count down 10 calories per serving.

New bottle:


Old bottle:



Ocean Spray’s exceptional cranberry

27 Nov

So I saw this on Facebook and had to laugh…because I love the guys in the bog and it’s funny.  But this is serious stuff…and Ocean Spray is taking the lead on this war on sugar.  We should all give them a big thanks.—Promos/Coupons/Healthy-Secrets-of-the-Cranberry.aspx


Costco/OceanSpray juice

14 Jun



Now this is some good looking juice! I understand that this is 35% Cranberry, so i am happy! I love high content cranberry products.

New cranberry science

22 May

Love to read about new cranberry science! Way to go Ocean Spray for funding this research.

The good news about the healthful benefits of our cranberries just keeps on coming….

25 Apr

Check out this article about rheumatoid arthritis and our lovely cranberries! More work is needed, but it is a start!


Ocean Spray concentrate auction flat

25 Apr

So the Ocean Spray concentrate auction was today and the results were flat, the average price per gallon only up $.10.  I don’t know how many buyers participated in the auction, but clearly the buyers participating don’t feel the need to bid up the price, so they must like the supply out there.  Hmm.  Wonder how that will hold up in August.  The next auction is in July.

Ok, so here are some photos of cranberries in China!

14 Mar

So here are our cranberries in China!  No bottles just the waxy paper bottles. Please note that even in China they list % cranberry content…25%!  Not bad! (Still want more though)