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New cranberry science

22 May

Love to read about new cranberry science! Way to go Ocean Spray for funding this research.

Decas wins an EU health clairm for cranberry. Good job!

2 May

so here is the link for the story:

This is great news!

The good news about the healthful benefits of our cranberries just keeps on coming….

25 Apr

Check out this article about rheumatoid arthritis and our lovely cranberries! More work is needed, but it is a start!


Zero Carb Cranberry post- do cranberrys really make your arteries more elastic?

16 Feb

So this post has a lot of truth to it, and anyone who reads this blog know that I am all about content in cranberry products.  My question for Suzanne (and I will ask her) is what about 100% cranberry juice? It does exist out there, and while not easy to drink “straight”  it is nothing but cranberry. Hmmm

new clinical trial on cranberry juice and children sponsored by Ocean Spray

2 Feb

Isn’t it amazing that I can blog from 39,000 feet?  technology is amazing!  Anyway, the above is a new study just out on the effects of cranberry on children and UTIs.  Looks promising!