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Cranberry crop forcasts

24 Sep

So this is the time of year when all growers are on edge. Waiting. In Wisconsin we see a big crop. How big? We will know in a couple of weeks, but I’ve heard of a guy who harvested white that brought in almost 400 barrels an acre. White. Early harvest. Almost 400? Wisconsin is going to be big this year, and 5mm barrels is possible.

Just one question. Why didn’t we vote for a set aside? I can’t remember. Oh yeah, some of us wanted to see how big the crop is and maybe next year we will do something. Jeez.

Cranberries and caramel! A new taste sensation.

17 Nov

the absolute BEST way to eat cranberries….

Lots of things going on in our cranberry world

2 Nov

I’d say that harvest is mostly finished and handlers are counting up their berries.  Looks like the crop was larger than expected, mostly due to Quebec bringing in huge numbers.  Good for them, but probably bad for prices.  The OS auction was held on Weds, and concentrate prices dropped a bit.  I have heard that one big WI handler dropped his bacse price to $26.50, due to dropping SDC prices.  Also not good.   The good news is that we brought in a quality crop, and there is always a place for quality fruit!

On the legal front, a class action lawsuit has been filed against Ocean Spray in Massachusettes court.  I didn’t know anything about it, so I am just reading and absorbing as you will.  Looks like 7 independent growers from all the main growing areas and one B pool grower have instigated this.  Don’t know who they are, or how they are doing it.  I did google search the attorneys and they look intesting.  Seems like the suit is from Oregon originally, but I’m not a lawyer and don’t really know how to read these things. I just tried to load the lawsuit file and it is protected somehow.  You can find it online here

United Cranberry is just rocking along.  We took in some fruit, have it cleaned and in bins and are looking for buyers!  thanks to our growers for a great first season!




Cranberry harvest report: Hold on, the crop might not be as big as everyone thought!!!!!!!!

5 Oct

oh boy. I’ve spoken to a half dozen growers, handlers and the like from all over and the consensus is that the crop isn’t nearly as big as was previously thought.  We will know more in a week or two, but maybe 400,000 barrels smaller? So like 7.3 million barrels?  Developing,,,,

Wisconsin cranberry harvest update #1

23 Sep

Wow. I haven’t blogged since the Wisconsin Field days in August and for that I apologize.

Harvest has started early in Wisconsin. Yes, usually growers harvest a bed or two at this time to shake the rust off, try out the equipment, make sure everything is in working order. But this year, some growers are going early because of a lack of water. Most, if not all of Wisconsin has watched frost for the past week. Some growers in the central growing area are finding that their reservoirs are not recovering after a night of frost, and then when they went to flood a bed they couldn’t hold a flood for more than 8 hours…the water just soaked in. All efforts are being made to get those beds water and growers are harvesting to get the crop in, with a color of 15 to 20. Is this all growers? Certainly not. But some areas have had minimal rain in the past 4-6 weeks and the water just isn’t there. It is a combination of drought, sand and nightly frost watch. Keep tuned. This long growing season is throwing us a bit of a curve ball with harvest water.

And, what about winter flood? What are you seeing out there?