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New Cranberry cocktail label, front and back.

24 Sep

Sorry for the snafu. Here is the correct back label.



New cranberry cocktail formulation on the shelves

24 Sep

I must have missed the press release about Ocean Spray reformulating their flagship Cranberry Juice Cocktail! I found both of these on the shelf at my local grocery store this morning. One is a gallon size and the other 32oz. But still, the labels clearly show that the new cocktail from OS needs to have it’s color enhanced with vegetable juice. I was always understanding that cranberries were plently red and we never needed any artificial colorants. Well, vegetables aren’t artificial, by any means, but gee whiz, cranberries are still red, aren’t they? Oh, and the BIG NEWS is that they dropped the calorie count down 10 calories per serving.

New bottle:


Old bottle:



Be Berry Aware

30 May

United Cranberry has started a project to inform consumers about cranberry content in products. Check our our website here. We are receiving notice that the information has been reported on hundreds of websites, so we are excited about that!

Cranberry Cove dried cranberries

10 Feb



I have to say, I don’t know what to think of Cranberry Cove. It says on the label “made with Ocean Spray cranberries” with the OS logo. What it doesn’t say, is Ocean Spray trademarked and owns the Cranberry Cove name. This is an Ocean Spray product. I found them in my local Wal-Mart. $1.00 for 3.5oz. That equals $4.57/lb. Clearly someone is making $$ on cranberries.

When turning over the bag (which, by the way, I like: the graphics are excellent) I looked at the ingredients. Cranberries, Sugar, Citric acid, sunflower oil and ELDERBERRY JUICE(for color). Emphasis mine. Since when do we have to add acid and color back into cranberries? Seems like they take so much out they have to add stuff back in? This is the first time in my memory that we’ve added color to cranberries. Cranberry Cove seems to ME to be the Choice product that OS said they would never put on the retail market. Remember the whole scamberry thing?


Cranberries and sugar

25 Jun

Oh boy. This is an article on the meeting in DC on the cranberry caucus.


New cranberry science

22 May

Love to read about new cranberry science! Way to go Ocean Spray for funding this research.

Decas wins an EU health clairm for cranberry. Good job!

2 May

so here is the link for the story:

This is great news!