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Prices to growers increasing

30 May

Clement Pappas lead the way a couple of weeks ago and increased their base for the 2011 crop to $30/barrel.  I just heard that Cott/Cliffstar has followed and raised their base price for the crop delivered last year to $30.  Hooray!  It looks like prices out their have increased enough to warrent paying the growers more and hopefully it will bring everyone to breakeven and  keep us from taking money out of savings (or borrowing from the banks) to grow this crop.  We can only hope!

The second reporting cycle for the CMC is just out and under review, but it still shows plenty of cranberries for everyone, so I think the price for this next crop will depend a lot on the size of the crop.  I’m hearing of some side shooting in Wisconsin but otherwise a good crop.  What is everyone else seeing, hearing?

Raisins vs Craisins war, continued

14 Mar

Ok, so I let you know that this was in the works a few months ago.  Now it has started…here is the website that the California Raisins group has launched against Craisins….

I think they leave out a few details about the health benefits of the cranberry, but raisins don’t HAVE those health benefits.  Just sayin.

Craisins vs Raisins…this will add fuel to the fire :)

27 Feb®

Besides all this, sweetened dried cranberries TASTE better.  Just saying.

Craisin-Raisin war!

19 Jan

Ok, this is scaring me! Never a good thing to have two groups of farmers spending their hard earned money beating on each other.  Please guys, think about this.