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Old news to most; Ocean Spray to get new CEO

15 Feb

See here

Best wishes to Randy Papadellis!

CMC meeting

15 Feb

Just an update from the CMC meeting just held in DC. No new action was taken on the volume regulations. The Committee and all of us really, are waiting on the USDA to act on the recommendations.

The 2017 regulation has been posted in the Federal Register and the comment period has closed. We are waiting on the Secretary to finalize and sign.

Sometime soon the 2018 order will be posted in the Federal Register for comments. And then the Secretary will finalize and sign.

I think that the CMC members and attendees made it clear to the USDA officials present that we need action quickly so that growers can make growing decisions to control costs. It was duly noted by Oregon growers that the growing season has already begun!

In other news, the 2017 crop was smaller than previously estimated in January, now that actual numbers have been reported. Mother Nature really helped us out on that front. In making the 2018 forecast, most all growing areas expect to be back up to their normal production.