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Wow! So much is happening in the cranberry industry

29 Dec

So much is happening in the industry! Spray is apparently folding the B pool into the A pool over the 2017 and 2018 pools. I don’t know what happened to the waiting list.

I heard that Spray is buying Atoka in Quebec. If true, that sounds like a good acquisition for them. They didn’t have all that much acreage in Quebec, or Sdc production up there. Quebec is also big in organic fruit, which will also be a plus. And they get to export from Canada tariff free in many cases.

Finally, Cranberries Limited has sent registered letters to their growers indicating that they will be done handling fruit after the 2019 crop. CLI has handled a large amount of fruit for the past 10plus years. All their growers will be looking for a home for the 2020 crop.


The BEST cranberry recipe ever.  You can thank me later…

4 Dec

Ok, so this was given to me years ago…it is the best. Just try it.  The sauce is put on the cake AFTER it is baked for 40 minutes in 350 degree oven.  

Some more photos from berries grown in Holland….

2 Dec

Thanks Toon for these photos…I finally got around to posting! I have to say, this is really different than growing them in Wisconsin…

A new way to grow Cranberries?

2 Dec

Not too long ago I received word from a reader who is growing Cranberries in a different way. Check out these photos and descriptions of how he is doing it.

The plants grow in 1,3 meter planters on a frame of old 51 mm heating pipes. Everything had to be cheap because I didn’t know if this way of growing will work  about 8 years ago. It turned out quite well. So I gowing to plant 3 times more meters tabletop this winter. I’m looking now for a good variety, perhaps you have some suggestions. Over here it is diffcult to become the newest variety’s with good potentials. I have collected Pilgrim, Stevens, Red Star, Crowley and Langlois. Stevens is my main variety. It has a good dark red color because the sun can reach all the berry’s and they drys quikly what is good for storage.

I sent also a few fotos from the tabletopframe to give you an impression.

If anyone wants to chat with this grower, send me a message and I will get you in touch…