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CMC Long Beach Washington

27 Jul

A week from now the industry will be in Long Beach for the summer CMC meeting.  On the docket is a proposal for a 15% Handler set aside for 2017 and a 25% Producer Allotment for 2018.  Everyone is counting votes.  Contrary to popular opinion, one side can’t make this happen without the other.  It takes 10 votes if the Public member doesn’t vote.  Spray has 7 and the independents have 6.  Do the math.   If you growers have an opinion, now is the time to contact your representative and let them know where you stand.  Call your handler and ask questions.  Be informed.  

A view from up top over Warrens area…

15 Jul

A few growers are taking the opportunity during this critical oversupply period to renovate beds. Pretty sure they aren’t planting native varieties! If you think a volume regulation on its own will correct the situation, think again. We need to really think this through people.  And please before anyone jumps on me for singling out these growers, I’m not. I don’t know whose marsh these photos came from so don’t ask. Growers are out to efficiently grow cranberries, that is what we do. Renovating a poor bed and putting in hybrids is going to happen, and can make a lot of sense.  Question is, are we asking for a VR at the same time we are encouraging, or in some cases incentivizing, renovation??

Volume regulation: handler withhold for this 2017 crop

8 Jul

Looking back at my New Years post and my pre-CMC February post, it seems that I was right on…huge crop and we did nothing about it. Now here we are in July talking about a handler set aside of 25% for this years crop. We could have saved a lot of growers a lot of $$ if we had that vote in February.   

Growers please post here or email me if you have a thought on this issue. We need to get this right and have our concerns heard. Oh and BTW, I’m hearing and thinking that we will need another 25% producer allotment on the 2018 and 2019 crops as well.  Yikes!  I have to say that I’m glad we are finally talking about it, but go back and read my previous posts…..I can’t see how independents can support this while a certain large handler keeps allowing their members to plant new hybrids. We ALL know that in a producer allotment year, growers will take advantage of the situation to renovate beds. That will just prolong and accelerate the supply situation. Comments anyone?