Thoughts pre-CMC meeting

18 Jan

It is that time of year again when I grapple with the thought…should I stay or should I the CMC.  It always seems like such an exercise in frustration.  

My question for this year?  Why do we report frozen berries, finished goods AND concentrate?  Why don’t we just report frozen whole berries in the freezer? I’ve never seen where the corn guys report how much is in ethanol inventories, or how much is in corn chips in the warehouse.  We don’t break out organic, or seeds.  When producers have so much varied finished products with so many different processes and yields, I think we need to keep it simple.  

 I realize that the inventory of frozen fruit keeps going up, but it is the only thing that we growers actually grow.  We don’t grow concentrate and we don’t grow SDCS or seeds.  Those are all manufactured goods by some 20 handlers.  Reporting their finished goods inventory just doesn’t make sense to me.  And I actually think it gives one handler an edge on the rest of the handlers.

So I’d like to talk about that at the CMC.  I know there is a reason why we do this and how we got to this place, so please someone fill me in.  Thanks!


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