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Another lawsuit update

22 Jan

The hearing for the certification of the class was postponed a month due to some illness.  So look for those results at the end of February.

Lawsuit update

15 Jan

I’ve only been partially paying attention on the lawsuit, but now some big dates are on the horizon. Apparently the two sides met in mediation and that did not result in any, umm, mediation. So we go forward to the Class Certification hearing on January 21, 2016. I guess at this meeting with the judge, both sides will present their reasons to certify the class or reject certification of the class. That will be big either way and I don’t know if the judge rules immediately or some days after. Either way, I think the trial will be scheduled after that class certification hearing. Stay tuned folks. Time to get some popcorn.

Hey! We finally made some ice in Wisconsin. Will probably make a little more this weekend.
For those of you in Wisconsin, see you at cranberry school next week!