Good news, bad news?? 

13 Oct

Certainly the WI crop has disappointed many growers. We’ve heard that many growers are off last years crop which was a 4.9million barrel crop inWI. How low will it go? About a week from now we will know more but it certainly won’t be higher and maybe a 200,000 bbls lower?  

One grower in Qubebec told me they were expecting a big crop but isn’t materializing. He said expect them to be down from last year due to many acres converting to organic and the overall growing season. Will they be down 200,000 bbls as well? Again too early to tell but that “big crops get bigger and small crops get smaller” adage seems to be working on the smaller side. 

Prices are already going up. One handler has increased their base $3/barrel to $15, with healthy incentives on top of that. 

I would guess that with a decreased amount of fruit for the dryers, that the amount of concentrate out there will tighten up as well. 

IF all the above plays out, the price for all of our products will increase. About damn time. 

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