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Wisconsin crop??

24 Sep

I am starting to hear some rumblings about a less than stellar WI crop. Back in July at the CMC, the estimate was about 5.5mm bbls up from 4.9 delivered in 2014. Then a few weeks back I heard that OSpray was thinking more like 5mm bbls for this year, or more in line with the 2014 crop and a far cry from the 6mm 2013 crop. Now I’ve just heard that some of the newer varieties in WI are showing some rot, 8-10%. I don’t know how widespread it is. And I don’t know if that is figured into the estimates or not….but as one wise man (you know who you are) once told me “big crops get bigger and small crops get smaller”…. I’m thinking that there might be a scramble for sdc berries for the WI dryers…..

September in Wisconsin

8 Sep

I get worried when my blog stats fly off the roof on a random Tuesday in September.  Makes me wonder if anything is going on in cranberry land that I don’t know about.  (I am sure there are LOTS of things I don’t know about!)  What I do know is that the industry people think the Wisconsin crop is ok, not huge, not small.  That would probably be a good thing.

I also know that there are lots of things going on with the lawsuit.  Depositions have begun or are close to starting. Subpoenas have been issued and answered.  Both sides are lining up experts and building their case.  This case is on a relative fast track as these things go, but I don’t think anyone should bank on big bucks (if any) soon.  If you are an independent grower struggling to make ends meet, don’t plan on this lawsuit as a bailout.  Get to your bank and work something out.

I saw new releases that Oregon was harvesting already!  Now that is a surprise as I understand  that they usually harvest really late, sometimes early November.  I think that this early harvest was due to newer varieties that color up early, and the majority of Oregon has a ways to go until harvest.