It is time for the CMC in Washington

17 Feb

It is that time of year…growers and handlers headed to Washington for the winter CMC meeting. While it is usually an exercise in frustration, I am looking for to seeing folks and find out what is going on in the industry.

My first review of the numbers suggest that sales are UP! But the stockpiles of concentrate are still too high.

Don’t expect any earth shattering news, but if there is…I will post it here.

Safe travels

One Response to “It is time for the CMC in Washington”

  1. CMC Industry News February 17, 2015 at 11:52 am #

    Can also link to all meeting materials at if any are interested. Best, Scott

    Get your ‘Cran’ On! Go US Cranberries!

    Scott J. Soares Executive Director Cranberry Marketing Committee USA 219A Main Street Wareham, MA 02571 508-291-1510 ext 11 voice 508-291-1511 fax W: Follow us @uscranberries

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