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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

26 Nov

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, followed closely by the 4th of July. Why? Beause it is all about food and family:)

I’m thankful for everyone in our crazy industry:
the farmers that grow a healthy, beautiful berry
the processors that haul, clean and freeze our crop
and the
handlers that make our crop into sauce, juice, dried cranberries and keep trying to invent new uses.

Enjoy our day!

Did you ever wonder where the $$ comes from for USDA purchases??

26 Nov

No, it isn’t from tax revenues…read on…

Section 32!!

USDA announces cranberry purchase

26 Nov

The purchase of cranberry products by the USDA is good news for our industry.

Nice article about Jonathan Smith’s cranberries

26 Nov

If you haven’t tasted these..track some down and give them a try. Absolutely wonderful.

I am reminded…

17 Nov

That the Decas payment structure has a few incentives added in, so their low base is misleading. It is hard to compare cranberries to cranberries sometimes…

what a difference in handlers…yet they are in the same business

17 Nov

I was slightly optimistic last week, when Mariani announced their base price of $16. Today Decas growers received a letter indicating what seems to be a $7 base. What a difference, yet they are in the same business mostly…dried cranberries and concentrate. Both have their own brand, both sell domestically and internationally. I suppose their mix of products may make a difference in their returns, but growers can’t make it on $7 that is for sure. This is starting to become a trend for Decas.

A brave handler

7 Nov

In a letter to it’s growers Mariani announced a base price of $16…up from a base price of $12.50 for the 2013 crop. the letter also states that the concentrate bonus is expected to be and additional $2-3 dollars.

Congrats to Mariani!  Their business must be doing well and their growers will see the benefits of a rising market. $19/barrel is a step in the right direction,