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who needs the CMC?

30 Oct

Apparently we don’t. Personally. I was just cleaning out my desk and found our Estimated Allotment Certificate for our own personal crop for 2014. Our allotment was virtually the same as the crop we delivered! I’m assuming a lot of Wisconsin growers are in the same boat.  Mother Nature delivered where the USDA Secretary would not.  Of course I hate it for WI, but everyone will benefit from this smaller crop.   As the final berries get counted, we are all waiting and wondering just where the crop will end up (or down..)   Congrats to those growers who had a great crop.

Whatever the result, we will have less concentrate and less dried cranberries in the marketplace.

Not this year…

20 Oct


From Food Network magazine!
We will still produce a lot…but maybe not 60% !

OSprays new Pact water

16 Oct


Here is a new product kinda from Ocean Spray….

16 Oct

Interesting bottle and name…can’t wait to see the ingredient/nutrition panel. Will they actually put cranberry in the bottle or something else? Calories? added sugar? So many options, such a tart berry we grow. Interesting that Spray is partnering rat

Wisconsin crop is down

13 Oct

Remember all the way back to August and the crop estimates at the CMC? The OSpray WI members all predicted 5mm barrels for Wi, the independents all predicted 5.6,5.8 leading to a 5.3, 5.4mm barrel projection for WI. It looks like OSpray might actually be correct with their 20% decrease.  Many growers are coming in short according to the the receiving stations. Wisconsin may well be down 1,000,000 barrels from last year.

how does your crop look?

Harvest time in cranberry country

11 Oct

We always get great photos during harvest!!