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More on the Babcock story from the local paper

27 Sep

I’m glad these idiots have been caught.

Good news!

26 Sep

The Babcock cafe is open for business! Excellent news considering this is the Warren Cranberry Festival weekend and surely a busy weekend for them.

Babcock update

25 Sep

The Cafe in Babcock was trashed too….

Vandalism at OSPRAY Babcock receiving station

25 Sep

I heard early this morning that the receiving station had quite a bit of vandalism over nite and that growers were directed to take their crop to the Tomah receiving station. This is of course a terrible event at a terrible time. I’m hoping that the individuals responsible will be caught ASAP and that Spray gets back up and running in short order. No tolerance for this type of behavior.

news on the Wisconsin marketing order

23 Sep

Note, that there is no move to actually increase our assessment, this would just do the paperwork to make an increase possible.