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WI growers take note of new EPA suggested rules….really, really applies to US!

29 Aug

Here is the map, showing all of our ditches

Click to access wisconsin2013.pdf

And what the new rule says:

And what it means to us:

Write a letter…write it now.

Thanks Mary Brown for sending this info to me!


Fruit is sizing in WI

23 Aug


My sentiments exactly:)

20 Aug

Here is the wording from the Raisin marketing order

20 Aug

This was out into the order in 1979 after the raisin committee members got into the same situation. Kinda

Official from the USDA addresses the CMC

20 Aug

Mike Dorando, who is head of all marketing orders for the AMS and USDA is talking to the CMC and clarifying their decision to deny a marketing order. He doesn’t really know much about what happened in 1999 and 2000 and the fact that British Columbia followed our regulation. He prefers to go forward and make sure we understand that we can’t work in cooperation with Canada on an order, however we can’t control what Canada does regarding our order. He says the “bells went off” within the USDA when they read the CMC website Q&As that apparently discussed Canada.

Mike mentioned the anti trust portion of the raisin marketing order, which will probably be added to our regulation.

He says we can go forward with a clean slate for the 2015 crop.

Fat chance.

Mike seems like a nice guy.

After a little thought, the lack of marketing order is ok.

15 Aug

Most of you who know me know that I favor a marketing order to take the edge off a crazy crop. But given the Secretary of Agriculture’s unwillingness to listen to his own cranberry marketing committee, it now appears that we will probably never have a marketing order. It is truly disappointing that the USDA let us get so far down the road with a regulation, only to have it not approved. What a waste of time. It did prove one thing….we mostly CAN get along as growers and handlers. That is a good thing. Let’s move forward with that.

The truth is, the market for dried cranberries is improving and we are as an industry drying and selling cranberries all over the world. With a little luck Mother Nature will moderate this crop somewhat this year and we can catch up with the sales effort. Call me an optimist….

Here is the letter from the USDA

14 Aug


So my only thought on this….is where was this reasoning in 2000 and 2001 when BC had a volume regulation that mirrored ours???