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It’s starting….

21 Jul

The lawsuits over labeling…..

a little more on the Independents vs OSpray lawsuit

15 Jul

I still haven’t seen the ruling…but this is what I have heard…

Last week, Judge Zobel denied Ocean Spray’s motion to amend her decision on its motion to dismiss. OS had hoped that this motion would allow it to take an immediate appeal, and then get the case thrown out, before it had to produce discovery materials to the plaintiffs. But now the growers should be able to proceed with discovery against Ocean Spray on the claims that have not been dismissed.

Discovery may produce some very interesting facts….

Judge has ruled in the Independents vs OSpray, allows part of the case to go forward

14 Jul

United Cranberry Blog

This is a reposting of my post that happened back 5/5/2014. Since we can’t see what the judge just ruled, we can go back to her original ruling to remind ourselves what happened:

You can read the Judge’s opinion here….apparently some of the case moves forward, most is dismissed. If anyone wants to translate for me, have at it! A lot of legal stuff here.


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Independents vs OSpray lawsuit

14 Jul

The webside indicates that the judge has ruled, but there is no link to the document that indictes such. I have it on pretty good authority that the judge has allowed the remaining issues to go forward, meaning the lawsuit continues. When the judges order is posted I will make it available. Until then, you know what I know, which isn’t really that much:)

Lassonde buys Apple and Eve

4 Jul

Snack time in the US includes cranberries!

2 Jul

Interesting article about how American attitudes are changing about meals.