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Fracking sand in Wisconsin

27 Jun

As cranberry growers in Wisconsin, we have sand mines all around us. There are pros and cons to sand mines in our midst. What do you think? Will exporting sand become a problem to cranberry growers in the future? We all need sand….

Wisconsin blossom

26 Jun


It looks good in Wisconsin!

A Cranberry White and Blue Summer

21 Jun

Bees and Edible Milwaukee

17 Jun

So proud of our daughter Aurora…an article in Edible Milwaukee and the cover too!!

The Bees’ Knees, Needs, and More



On the heels of the POM ruling, this challenge of the V8 products

13 Jun



Lots going on in the cranberry world….

12 Jun

So, the POM case was decided in the US Supreme Court. 

In the independents VS OSpray, the both sides are still manuevering for position, hoping the Judge will side with them re the final remaining 4-5 issues.  If the independents prevail, I guess the case will move to discovery and trial.  OSpray is working really hard to keep that from happening. 

While all this legal stuff is underway, growers are going about the spring/summer routine.  I’m hearing that the early hooks look good, certainly not a small crop out there.  How it sets and grows is anyone’s guess.

Are you following the CMC’s blog on the Volume Control?  They update it quite often and it is the place to keep current…try this link and follow it…you will get updates in your inbox, just like my blog.

I’m hearing that maybe the free fall of cranberry prices has bottomed out.  Now if they would just go up…about double!


Wow! Big win for POM in the Supreme Court

12 Jun

Wow.  So the US Supreme Court decided that POM can sue Coca Cola under the Lanham act, re false advertising.  Read the article here

The big question in my mind is how will this affect other juice manufacturers that do the same, ie call a juice say, cranberry, when it is mostly apple and pear??  Will they put more cranberry in the bottle or call it apple, pear juice with a splash of cranberry?  I guess we will know more when POM actually sues Coca Cola.  If they win, then change is on its way, we just don’t know which change.