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Always the optimist, I see a silver lining in the concentrate auction results

30 Apr

The OSpray concentrate auction was held today, and I see a glimmer of hope. For starters the prices went UP from the opening price. That means, there was some interest from bidders to secure some concentrate. In the past two auctions, held in January and October last, the opening price WAS the ending price. Also, in the 3rd contract, to be delivered 6 months out, the price went up to $16.20 a gallon. This is higher than the previous 6 month contract, so I think that is an improvement for us growers. That being said, because Spray opens each auction at a lower price from the previous one, the overall price is down, but the free fall may have stopped.

All these prices represent a huge sucking sound from grower’s pockets, but maybe the volume regulation is/ helping. If these micro trends are a good sign, I’m all for it.

Audio from the POM vs Coca Cola case in the Supreme Court

30 Apr

So, the transcripts don’t do it justice. As a cranberry grower, it bothers me immensely that juice companies can call drinks “cranberry” when they are mostly apple and pear. Rock on Supremes:)

NY Times weighs in on POM vs Coca Cola

22 Apr

It’s not clear which side prevailed in the POM vs Coca Cola case..

22 Apr

The Supreme Court will make their ruling on this case sometime this summer, but in the meantime we can all speculate. Here is one take:

Funny how the Supreme Court can make a decision, but the judge in Massachusetts is taking forever…it has been 1 1/2 years since that independents vs OSpray lawwuit was filed. Nada.

Transcript from the POM vs Coca Cola case in SCOTUS

21 Apr

Click to access 12-761_8m58.pdf

I haven’t read it yet. Will do

Don’t forget, US Supreme Court today

21 Apr

is hearing the POM vs Coca Cola case. 11am. Eastern.

So who exactly is leading the price of sdcs down?

21 Apr


This was found at Costco this past Friday. For two weeks, OSpray is offering a rebate that prices scds at 8 cents an ounce. $1.28lb.  For a company that controls, what, 80% of production capacity they must be desperate to unload inventory. To my knowledge, independents haven’t come close to this type of pricing. This is in line with the Spray pricing in the last Usda bids, where Spray was considerably under the market.  At this pricing, the Ocean Spray members will be just as miserable as the rest of us, and soon.

upcoming Coca Cola vs POM in the SCOTUS

8 Apr

In a couple of weeks POM takes on Coca Cola in the Supreme Court. This is more legalese than I can manage, but I’m kinda following it on the SCOTUS blog. The arguments are on April 22. Here is the American Beverage Association’s brief in the case, which lays out their side of the story:

Click to access 12-761-bsac-American-Beverage-Association.pdf