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March in cranberry country Wisconsin

25 Mar

This winter has been one for the record books in Wisconsin. Cold. (made ice!) Snowy (filling up those reserviors!) Wind (we were all covered up, no problem) Sand. (yup, see “made ice”). Now we wait for a melt and thaw. It is coming, you can feel it. The big question for many is how did the vines do… and what will those buds look like?

While everyone is waiting for spring, the handlers are making their spring rounds and promising not much. There are questions about the marketing order and committees are working through the details, for example, how does concentrate that comes off an sdc line equal in barrels vs whole berries? Things like that. The CMC has sent out their first set of forms to growers, and the growers must fill them out and send them back. Lots of work is being done by lots of volunteers and employees to enact this volume regulation.

Did you see the results of the latest USDA cranberry purchases? I will attach a spread sheet on the selling prices and quantities. In EVERY bid, Ocean Spray was the lowest price, and in some cases substantially lower than the next price. Makes you wonder, eh? Who is driving the price down?

USDA Purchases 2014

What does Jimmy Fallon have to say about cranberries?

24 Mar

He says that we need sauce in a single slice to put on sandwiches. Ocean Spray has come to the rescue Jimmy! Riot!