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Oops, here is the correct link to the “not to grow” presentation

28 Feb

Sorry everyone, I was awol for the past week and missed this edit.

Puhl1st CMC Presentation VOLUME REGULATION 2-14

To grow or not to grow….that is the question!

14 Feb

The Oregon CMC member, Roh Puhl made a presentation at the CMC meeting cntemplating whether or not it makes sense to grow in low price situations. YOu can view his presentation here:

If you have any questions, call Ron, if you have any comments, post them! Thanks to Ron and Mary for making this available.

More information on the happenings at the CMC

13 Feb

My take on the meeting is that this is a good first step. We certainly have lots of cranberries on hand and more will be delivered in October. This 85% producer allotment will slow that growth and allow sales to catch up. There is good news with our huge supply…more people all over the world will get the chance to taste our delicious fruit!

CMC votes to adopt producer allotment of 85%

11 Feb

Details to follow. 

This means that growers will be able to deliver 85% of their sales history plus ramp up.

Cott for sale? It looks like that one may be very true….

7 Feb

A link to the CMC committee members

4 Feb

From the CMC website
Find someone you know and call them to tell them your thoughts.

This is what a producer allotment would look like

4 Feb

Motion for a Producer Allotment Volume Regulation 1.30

Read on growers! Be informed! My understanding is that this and other proposals will be actively discussed at the CMC meeting. If you have an opinion, call your CMC representative before this weekend as they will be travelling to attend the meeting that starts early Monday morning.