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The over supply situation will be the source of many news articles in 2014!

30 Dec

Local growers donates cranberries to food pantry

25 Dec

Good job Bill Wolfe:)

Wall Street Journal article about cranberries; 2014 is looking better already!

24 Dec

Merry Christmas everyone!

24 Dec

And a happy 2014!

Here is an interesting article that suggests that consumers are smart and are voting with their pocketbook: if they don’t like an ingredient in a drink/food/whatever, they don’t buy it. I wonder what happens if they think there isn’t ENOUGH of something in a product? Do they do the same thing? hmmm….

Cranberry news

19 Dec

Ok, so we grew a huge crop. That is what we do, we are growers, we grow the biggest crop we can. We had an opportunity to have a set aside, destroy some crop, but we chose not to. What would have happened if we had a set aside? Wisconsin growers, by in large, would have been the ones throwing away crop. As I understand, Wisconsin was the growing area that grew way above their normal average. In that circumstance, Wisconsin growers would have been destroying fruit. The other areas/growers would have brought theirs in. So for all you growers in other regions that think that this is a Wisconsin problem, you missed your opportunity to deliver all of yours and have WI growers destroy fruit. And maybe put some more $$ in your pocket. Missed opportunity. And given the chance that I am wrong in my assessment, I encourage the CMC members to study/review what COULD have happened, so when we look at set asides in the future, that we have information.

Given the large supply, did you see the latest letter from the CMC asking the Secretary of Agriculture to purchase 750,000 barrels of cranberry products to help aleviate the over supply caused by (in their words) Canada? I have to laugh. The CMC members want the US goverment to bail them out of an oversupply that could be managed with a set aside. Which they refuse to implement.

Finally, the news came out this week or last that Cott/Cliffstar was not renewing contracts expiring in 2013 and in some cases the company notified other growers that their contract will not be renewed after the 2014 crop. The letter was a one sentence letter. Not even a “thank you for your years of service” so some growers who have been with Cliffstar for 25 years. Ouch! That hurts Cliffstar! Talk about big businss. My heart breaks for those growers affected and know that we will try our best to provide some solutions. I don’t know what that means at this point, but we will be looking at all possiblites.

Some things never change

13 Dec

So here is a nice article from 2009 in which Ocean Spray is reacting to the negative story the National Consumers League wrote about the Choice product. Kinda amusing that Spray claims that they aren’t selling Choice in retail stores. Yeah right. I’ve got a bridge to sell you! They are selling it themselves in their Coast and or Cove bags AND they are selling to rebaggers who put that stuff on the shelf and compete against their own Craisins. Hmmmm.

Don’t fall for the tricky labels

9 Dec

This article is so revealing…and what we’ve been talking about at United Cranberry for 3 years! Question. What would happen if we actually put some cranberry in our drinks?