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Nice article about our sad situation

28 Nov

In an airport, everyone has time to blog:) Here is a really good article that reports on new developments in cranberry health science

27 Nov

An interesting article about reservatrol in cranberries!

27 Nov

Wisconsin Public Radio piece on water usage and cranberries, featuring some exceptional WI growers

27 Nov

Protected: Wisconsin Public Radio News

27 Nov

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Ocean Spray innovation

13 Nov

It’s only right that since Ocean Spray started this whole oversupply thing by going out to the growing areas 5 years ago and imploring growers- members AND independents- to plant, plant, plant, because “the industry needs your fruit”… they innovate our way out of this. Thanks Spray!

Webb-Pomerene act of 1918

10 Nov

I understand that some of the dried fruit producers in California uses this act to their mutual benefit. check if out