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Surcralose, Splenda, etc, etc,

20 Jun


 I saw this story about sucralose (Splenda) and was pretty confused, because I thought that Splenda WAS sugar, just concentrated. But it looks like maybe it isn’t.  The second link is to the CSPI wiki page, because I wanted to see if the people saying these things were a bunch of whacks…and it does appear that they started under Ralph Nader…who can be sorta whacky. So, what gives?  I admit I love the OS light products with Splenda, so tell me some truth, Anyone?



Consumers want sweeter oranges, who Knew?

20 Jun

I’m not sure this will link, because I subscribe to the WSJ, but it is a front page article on the orange industry.

Potato cartel? Capper Volstead is under attack.

18 Jun

The anti trust provisions of the Capper Volstead law is under attack in this lawsuit against the potato growers. Very interesting for us cranberry growers….note that cranberries are brought up in this article as well.

Cranwars hearing

12 Jun

There was a hearing in the independents vs Ocean Spray case yesterday. OS’s had three motions in front of the judge, the just heard oral arguments on just one, the motion for dismissal. I guess if the judge decides to dismiss the case, the other two motions go away. So, both sides presented their case and the judge will take the information into consideration and rule on the motion next month. We will have to wait to see what she says. At least one person familiar with the proceedings thinks the case will go forward, another person says not. We shall see!

Madmen and Ocean Spray

11 Jun

I’m a big fan of the 1960’s series Madmen on AMC. If you haven’t seen it, it is all about the advertising guys on Madison Avenue in New York. The episode I watched last night had Ocean Spray in the story line! It was for advertising their juice. I don’t know if this is product placement or what, but pretty cool.