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Is adding elderberry for color considered natural or not?

30 May

So this article considers the question: is added color to be considered “natural” or not. About halfway down the article it mentions elderberry. So the question remains in my mind, why does Ocean Spray have to add back elderberry to a cranberry red product, and is it natural?

Be Berry Aware

30 May

United Cranberry has started a project to inform consumers about cranberry content in products. Check our our website here. We are receiving notice that the information has been reported on hundreds of websites, so we are excited about that!

June 11, 2013 at 3pm

30 May

On June 11th at 3pm the judge will hear oral arguments in the lawsuit between the independent growers and some B pool growers vs Ocean Spray. That will be an interesting day. Anyone out in the MA area want to attend and report back? I only get info from the Pacer website, and I don’t know how fast they update things.

This is truly cool

22 May

This is some type of garden in Ireland…check out the girl’s dress made of cranberries! So cool.

Lassonde/Pappas news

21 May

So it looks like the acquisition of Clement Pappas was a good deal for Lassonde as they are buying up some more company stock.

OK, so this lawsuit is getting tedious.

21 May

I’m not a lawyer for good reason. These two sides are doing a lot of tit for tat and I think pretty soon the judge is going to have to step in and decide something. And, I think what she is going to decide is whether to let the suit go forward or to throw it out. Both sides claim “they” know the law. And they can’t both be 100% right. See the links below to the latest.

cranwars Os wants judgetorule show_multidocs

On another note, it is amazing to see the difference a year brings. Last year we had an early spring in WI and this year a late one….but boy how things have kicked into high gear in the past week. Everything is growing and growers say that we wintered well. Handlers are telling me that the SDC market is tough, with prices falling, yet I saw SDCs in Roundy’s packaging, bulk at effectively $8/lb. Wow.

Finally, prayers to the folks in Oklahoma. What a tragedy.


13 May


This may be a statement of undisputed facts, but I’m thinking it will be disputed. Still, fascinating.

The best article I’ve read on the current situation

6 May

Cranberry happenings

6 May

So, the weather has finally improved in Wisconsin, and it looks like we will grow some cranberries this year!  It was a long, cold winter in these parts. 

I hear that Clement Pappas is paying $23.50 base and Cliffstar/Cott is paying $22.50.  Decas has paid $14.50 so far.  A year ago these prices were inconceivable.  The CMC 4/30/2013 inventory numbers will be out soon and we will see where we stand with inventory.  There isn’t much to say, except the prices are too low and the crop is too high.  See: CMC February non vote for producer allotment.  Again, I say, opportunity lost.

You may have heard that the USDA has approved some cranberry concentrate purchases through the Section 32 funds.  $5,000,000 worth comes to what, 125,000 barrels?  Sure it will help, but certainly we have to get on the stick and sell some more!

Did you see the announcement for the USDA Value Added Grant? Your very own United Cranberry was awarded a $300,000 grant.  We will be making finished product and attending trade shows with those (matching) working capital funds.  We are excited and grateful!

Finally, the cran wars continue.  Here is a link on the latest, filed today.