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Cranberry war update

21 Mar


Ok, so seriously? I had the wrong link up for a couple of days and just now someone tells me? I know people are reading the blog because I see the stats…so THANK YOU:)

Updates from the cranberry wars

19 Mar

Some interesting filings in the lawsuit:in this first filing, OS asks the judge to throw out some arguements, and have an oral arguement on others. the second tab lists the attachments for OS’s filing



This is the plaintiff’s response to the OS request.

I have to say, this is why there are judges, lawyers and lawsuits. Both sides have their points, both sides refer to a bunch of legal cases that prove their case. I’m sticking to blogging.

Amended complaint, OS motion for sanctions

7 Mar



read on!

I didn’t include the exhibits, mostly because they are many, many pages. If someone wants them, let me know.

Cranberry wars continued

6 Mar

Ok, so in the ongoing lawsuit between Ocean Spray and independent growers, plaintiffs (independent growers) finally got their amended complaint in and filed. Phew! It was amended a few times.  Ocean Spray has responded “hogwash” and wants the judge to throw most of the complaint out.  I have to say, a lot of what Ocean Spray says makes some sense.   Now the judge has to rule whether to let the case go forward or not. ***remember*** I’m not a lawyer, nor do I even attempt it.  When my computer starts working and will let me post actually open an adobe file, I will post the link. Very interesting reading. The OS attachments include some interesting historical reading…re..the “severe” shortage of crop in the 2008 Annual report and the efforts they made to get planting going. They left out that they told all the indedepents to “keep on planting” and here we are in 2013 with a impending huge supply of cranberries.  Everyone.  Who wants to bet at their upcoming Annual Meeting that all blame for the supply situation will fall on the independent growers? Just saying.