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Cranberry wars continued

29 Nov

I’ve heard from two different sources (and the website confirms) that the judge has ruled on Ocean Spray’s motion to release the names of the John Does that are suing Ocean Spray in Massachusetts court.  My understanding is that the judge ruled that the names have to be released, but the document isn’t available to be downloaded, so I don’t have that proof, but I believe my sources.  So, there you have it, the names will have to be released for the suit to go forward.  I’m betting that at least some of the original plaintiffs are willing to go forward.  We will see.

Quebec cranberry production numbers are announced….huge!

29 Nov

So here are the numbers for the Quebec production…they had a fabulous year with additional acres and higher yield.  Now they have to sell them

 Quebec production2012

Ocean Spray’s exceptional cranberry

27 Nov

So I saw this on Facebook and had to laugh…because I love the guys in the bog and it’s funny.  But this is serious stuff…and Ocean Spray is taking the lead on this war on sugar.  We should all give them a big thanks.—Promos/Coupons/Healthy-Secrets-of-the-Cranberry.aspx


Cranberry wars update

26 Nov

Some of the lawyers representing the Independent growers suing Ocean Spray have a website up that you can see here:!

Global warming targets Thanksgiving | Daily Record |

21 Nov

Thanksgiving Staple Impacted by Climate Change – Front Page Journal –

21 Nov

Ocean Spray reports highest net sales ever

20 Nov

The original complaint filed against Ocean Spray by some independent growers

20 Nov

Here it is, I thought I had posted it, but I forgot! Happy reading…



Cranberry wars: new article

19 Nov

The article above suggests that the plaintiffs (the John Doe growers 1-7) will drop the suit if they have to reveal their names.

Cranberries and caramel! A new taste sensation.

17 Nov

the absolute BEST way to eat cranberries….