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Who will save us from cranberries?

27 Jun

Followup story on the sugar in cranberry drinks.

Cranberries and sugar

25 Jun

Oh boy. This is an article on the meeting in DC on the cranberry caucus.


Costco/OceanSpray juice

14 Jun



Now this is some good looking juice! I understand that this is 35% Cranberry, so i am happy! I love high content cranberry products.

Cranberry Caucus

7 Jun

So yesterday, June 6, 2012 a Cranberry Caucus was formed of Congressmen and Senators from cranberry growing states….read the clip here

I attended this initial caucus meeting as did most industry leaders, Ocean Spray, Pappas (Lassonde), Decas and Cliffstar (Cott)reps were all in attendance, as well as grower groups: the Wisconsin State Cranberrry Growers Association, the Cape Cod Cranberry Growers Association, the Cranberry Institute and the Cranberry Marketing Committee. ( The room was, well, crowded when you add in the staffers of all the Congressmen and Senators and the media, whew!  While the US Senators from Massachusetts headed up the Caucus, representatives from all the growing regions participated.  This is important stuff and kicks off a campaign by Ocean Spray called the Exceptional Cranberry, read here:

While sugar was on the minds of everyone in this meeting, government reguations impacting all growers was brought up to the representatives as well.  This kind of dialog must be continued and the Cranberry Caucus is an excellent start.

Thanks to my Congressman, Sean Duffy and Senator Ron Johnson for participating in the caucus!




Cranberries and Coumadin (Wafarin)

4 Jun

We learned this week that the manufacturer of Coumadin® (warfarin) has removed references to cranberry from its Medication Guide which accompanies the drug. This has been a priority for the industry for many years and it appears that a combination of factors including the research reports by Dr. Jack Ansell and contacts made at last years’ Anti-Coagulation Forum meeting in Boston contributed to this welcome change by Bristol-Myers Squibb. The changes in the medication guide were approved by the FDA. 

This is great news, as now consumers that are on Coumadin are able to drink cranberry juice!


Dried cherry berries….or…lemons to lemonade!

2 Jun

So many of you probably  have heard that the tart cherry crop in Michigan is expected to be an almost total loss this year due to that crazy weather we had back in March-April.  Here is an article about that and what one company is doing to supply their customers with product…they intend to mixed dried cranberries in with dried cherries and calling them….cherry berries.  Now that’s some creativity!