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Lassonde posts earnings….aren’t you glad they bought Clement Pappas?

30 Mar

So Lassonde bought Clement Pappas last year and here is their earnings report, released today:

Seems to me that they are saying that gee whiz, the costs all all ingredients are going up, and then they specifically mention apple and orange concentrate.  In the next sentence they say that they sure are glad they bought Clement Pappas because they really boosted our lackluster earnings.  Hmmm.  How does it make the cranberry growers  feel that delivered to Clement Pappas and received a price below the cost of production?  Atta boy, good job.  Bring us your crop next year.  Come on Pappas, you can do better.

New Brunswick cranberries

24 Mar

I just returned from the Atlantic Cranberry Management Conference in Moncton, New Brunswick.  Thanks everyone for inviting me out and learning about United Cranberry.  I learned about growing cranberries in Nova Scotia, New Brunsick, Newfoundland, Quebec and Lithuania!  All fantastic people, enthusastic about growing wonderful, healthy cranberries!  As growers, we have many things in common.  It was an early spring in Moncton too….maybe 80 degrees on Thursday.  Beautiful!

While you were sleeping last weekend, President Obama signed an exceutive order…

22 Mar

here it is

yikes! that is all I’m saying.

Rumors from Ocean Spray annual meeting

19 Mar

So it has been a week or two and the rumors are flying about Ocean Spray.  $70/barrel.  Needs 4000 new acres.  etc, etc. So, I hop on the phone and make a few calls.  The projection for the 2011 crop just delivered is $60, closing in March due to the large crop.  Is $70 attainable in the future?  I’m sure it is, but not this year.  About the 4000 acres….not now, no way.  I think even Ocean Spray has figured that it needs to spread out planting to make for a more even ramp up in acreage.  And, Ocean Spray WILL need acres, or at least lets hope they will.  So will the independents.  But not 4000 acres and not right away. 

So, all you rumor crazies, relax.  Ocean Spray will do their thing and we will do ours.  How about the weather?  Now THAT is something to talk about 🙂  I’m predicting a smallish crop after a grueling , long growing season.  That will raise prices, count on it! 


Wisconsin weather report. An early spring.

18 Mar

La Nina, Le Nino, global change, what ever you call it, 82 degrees on March 18 is crazy.  Just nuts!  This will mean lots of frost watch, lots of bugs, lots of berries?  Too soon to tell, but we will be counting buds PDQ.  Good luck everyone!

Sweetened Dried Cranberries in China

14 Mar




Here is bag of SDCs I found in a big grocery store in Kunming, China.  Kunming is the largest city in Yunnan province in southwestern China, a mere 6,000,000 people and where my daughter is studying!  The SDCs were very good, and if you can read the back, sourced in Canada.  I didn’t note the price, but they were expensive.  Also, note that the bag has a zip top, but inside are the smaller packages of cranberries…single serve if you will.  So, there you have it! Cranberries in China.  Yay!

Cranberry supplements China style

14 Mar

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is HUGE in China.  There are two types of hospitals/doctors over there, TCM and Western (our type with antibiotics, etc, etc)  So, these TCM doctors prescribe herbs for all kinds of illnesses and many many Chinese use these before they go to Western doctors.  The supplement shown here was found in a regular pharmacy, the local Walgreens if you will.  If we could ever find out how to get into the TCM hospitals, look out!