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Nope, California doesn’t grow cranberries.

29 Feb


Notice California produce. This is at the Los Angeles airport LAX. If California is growing cranberries, they should be covered by CMC.


Supply vs demand, cranberry style

27 Feb

After attending the Cranberry Marketing Committee meeting last week, I’ve been thinking about our supply and demand situation, which by the way seems to be tightening up.  At the CMC, we mostly talk about cranberries after they are grown and delivered to handlers and we spend hours talking about too many or too few.  It seems to me, that we ought to talk about how to plant more efficiently.  If our current crop is 10,000,000 barrels and our usage is growing on average 2-3% a year that is 200,000-300,000 more barrels needed every year.  Thank goodness we are in a growing industry.

So if we need 200-300,000 more barrels every year, some comes from current bed renovation, about 150,000 barrels.  That means we need another 100,000-150,000 barrels from new plantings.  Divide that number by 220/barrel average, we need to plant 450-680 new acres, to handle the average increase in demand. That is all. Worldwide.  But we have to do it every year.  Seems to me, we do 25% at one time, increase supply too fast, crash prices and then stop planting, recover and repeat.  Isn’t there a better way?  I’m hoping that by discussing these things, growers will decide to plant SLOWER.  I know it may be more efficient to plant all at one time, we have been guilty of it personally, but knowing what I know now, I think we would do things differently.  Maybe others will too.  Slower planting will lead to more stable prices.  What do you think?

Craisins vs Raisins…this will add fuel to the fire :)

27 Feb®

Besides all this, sweetened dried cranberries TASTE better.  Just saying.

The cranberry measurement debate, from the source: Complete Phytochemical Solutions

22 Feb

This is the link to Complete’s webpage and announcement of the efforts to commericalize a test for PAC in cranberry.  Check it out!

The cranberry measurement debate Ocean Spray and United Cranberry

22 Feb  So here is Ocean Spray ingredients blog, which is a pretty good info place for all things Ocean Spray and their cranberry measurement post details their efforts to commericalize the cranberry content test that Complete Phytochemical Solutions developed  with United Cranberry support.  So, industry people working together, all good! 

Ocean Spray has also announced the date of the next concentrate auction, April 25, 2012.

Cranberry Marketing Committee strategic planning

21 Feb

I never thought I would see it….50 or so cranberry growers and handlers sitting down for a planning process to improve the way the marketing order works. There were lots of ideas and general agreement on most things. We only gave imput to the committee, but I think most everyone agreed that it was good. For starters, we are going to look at tools to improve the volume regulation part of the order. That combined with better data especially regarding crop size and management will be good things. We also talked marketing and trade issues. All important things. But we also learned that the road to any change will be long. Good luck CMC members!

Cranberry exports as percentage of production

20 Feb

In 2001 exports were 12% of production.  In 2011 exports were 30% of production. Good job handlers!

Wal-mart to label healthy foods…this is great news and what we are all about!

17 Feb

So this article is a few weeks old (thanks Mary Brown!) but still right on the money.  Wal-mart is taking the lead in healthy foods.  As cranberry growers, we know that we grow a healthy fruit.  Yes, it is a bit on the tart side, and yes it needs sweetening for all but the most stalwart.  Pick your sweetener, as they are all available.  We need to stop apologizing for the added sugar!  Sweeteners makes cranberry palatable  and cranberries are GOOD FOR YOU.  They are available in every combination.  Our goal at United Cranberry is to identify those products with high cranberry content…and we are working towards our seal of approval.  With the help of companies like Wal-mart, consumers are going to have all the information they need to make the right choice.

Cott’s earnings released and they had a VERY profitable year

17 Feb

So, Cott made a bunch of money in 2011 and the Cliffstar purchase really seems to be working for them, as it is a huge part of their profits.  Any chance that they will pay more for their cranberries, just to keep their growers afloat?  Not a chance.  They won’t pay more than they have to.

Zero Carb Cranberry post- do cranberrys really make your arteries more elastic?

16 Feb

So this post has a lot of truth to it, and anyone who reads this blog know that I am all about content in cranberry products.  My question for Suzanne (and I will ask her) is what about 100% cranberry juice? It does exist out there, and while not easy to drink “straight”  it is nothing but cranberry. Hmmm