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Ocean Spray concentrate auction today!

27 Oct

unofficial, but from a bidder shows the results in the $28 range for the next 3 periods. That seems like quite a jump to me, from the last auction, but I will have to look back and see some history.

Union attempt at Cott’s Dunkirk plant

22 Oct–at-Cott.html?nav=5047



Ocean Spray’s answer to the V8 ad…..

19 Oct

check out the new OS ad running for the next two weeks….



entire Ocean Spray crop update letter

18 Oct

GrowerLetter10142011 (2)

Ocean Spray update

15 Oct

In a letter to Ocean Spray grower owners, Ocean Spray confirmed their earlier estimates of an industry wide crop of 9.7mm barrels, up 12% from 2010. This estimate is actually down from their preharvest forcast of 9.9mm barrels. Ocean Spray does not expect this 9.7mm barrels to have the same negative effect that the record 9.8mm barrel crop had in 2008, mainly due to a significant growth in usage which was up 7% for the 2010 crop. They expect a reduction in overall cranberry inventories.  Specifically, they project an independent crop of 4.3mm barrels, up from 3.8mm barrels in 2010.

They are expecting an overall increase in OS grower yields, with the biggest increase in Massachusetts, where they are expecting a record overall crop of 2.3mm barrels.

Interestingly, OS states that the quality of the crop is not looking as good as prior years, as the brix and color are down. This may impact their yields and concentrate production.

I appreciate Ocean Spray’s insight on the crop. If I can get permission to post the actual letter, I will do so next week.

Did you see the V8 ad?

12 Oct

This is part of a print ad and tv ad campaign that V8 has going on, trying to convert smoothie and cranberry juice drinkers.  What about their high salt and hypertension?

Wisconsin update….

11 Oct

Wisconsin’s beautiful, warm weather has come to an end. Light rain, temps still warmer and harvest has started for most growers. I’m hearing that the crop in Wisconsin is a good, solid crop, but maybe down a bit, like 5%. Time will tell!

Oh, and the Brewers need to get going. Seriously.