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Bear with me….

30 Sep

We actually had a comment posted down below and I had it set up to approve each post prior to posting….I turned THAT off, so now everone’s comment should post straight away. Now I’m trying to figure out how to show postings right under the comment, instead of clicking to see the posts….this stuff is hard for techno phobs like me!

Just a reminder

29 Sep

You can follow the blog by clicking on “follow” at the top of the screen and WordPress will alert you when there is a new post. I think.

By the way, yesterday we had 49 visits to the blog and so far today, 26! I think that is pretty good. Now if someone would just comment on something…..


29 Sep

Here in Wisconsin, a couple of growers have started harvest, and everyone is gearing up. What does it look like? I’m hearing the berries are there, but maybe on the small side. What say you? Other growing areas? Let’s get some reporting from the bog/marsh.

Breaking news from Cott:

28 Sep

In a letter today to Cott growers, Richard Star announced that he will be leaving full time employment with Cott in Mid-October.  Randy Bell will be taking over the senior role in Grower Relations and Processing.  Randy will now be reporting to Chris Cronje, the Chief Operating Officer of Cott USA.  Chris was the President of Cliffstar prior to the Cott transaction.



USDA Cranberry Forecast August 16, 2011

27 Sep

usda cranberry forcast august 2011

An interesting news article about the state of the industry

27 Sep



News from Washington State

22 Sep