New Raisin cranberry bran

4 Mar

I’ve heard about this product and looked for it at my local Pic and Save but have yet to try it. Here is an interesting take…

No volume regulation for the 2015 crop.

20 Feb

We are significantly over supplied, but the committee fails to act. Not surprised.

Shakespeare was right

20 Feb

Shakespeare was right when he said in some play…first let’s kill all the lawyers. Right now we are being lawyered to death with attorneys at the CMC. How does all this get growers to profitability? Yesterday I was in favor of continuing the order…today…not so sure.

It is time for the CMC in Washington

17 Feb

It is that time of year…growers and handlers headed to Washington for the winter CMC meeting. While it is usually an exercise in frustration, I am looking for to seeing folks and find out what is going on in the industry.

My first review of the numbers suggest that sales are UP! But the stockpiles of concentrate are still too high.

Don’t expect any earth shattering news, but if there is…I will post it here.

Safe travels

Did you see this?

17 Jan

We usually see juice in a 64 oz bottle. Spray is transitioning to a 60 oz bottle. That’s a price increase assuming they don’t lower the price.

Do smaller bottles also sell less cranberry juice? Yikes!



News about the lawsuit

8 Jan

the Plaintiffs have filed for summary judgement…meaning that they are presenting their view of the facts in the counts still open in the case. Remember, the judge threw out many of the counts. you can read the filing here…

Ocean Spray Motion for SJ Jan 6

they’ve asked for a quick answer, but my bet is that it will take the judge a while. OSpray will certainly answer back…

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

26 Nov

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, followed closely by the 4th of July. Why? Beause it is all about food and family:)

I’m thankful for everyone in our crazy industry:
the farmers that grow a healthy, beautiful berry
the processors that haul, clean and freeze our crop
and the
handlers that make our crop into sauce, juice, dried cranberries and keep trying to invent new uses.

Enjoy our day!


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