A big day for Cranberry Growers Cooperative….CranGrow

13 Aug

New plant

We had a large crowd in Warrens to celebrate the opening of our new plant!  Thanks to everyone who joined us.  We look forward to the future!


New Ocean Spray drinks

14 Oct

Here is a link to Spray’s new Organic lineup and their first 100% cranberry juice in a long time.  Glad to see it back in the lineup.  I like the graphics! 


Just saw at Walmart here in tomah.

13 Oct

Doesn’t this just tell a story?

WI update

13 Oct

Ok so here is the tale in WI at least for us personally. This same bed of Stevens averaged 380 last year. I don’t have a photo of the berry size but they averaged closer to the size of a quarter. Here is a photo of a sample this year. You decide. Great buds. Great set. No sizing.

Report from Quebec harvest

10 Oct

I’ve heard now from 2 pretty reliable sources that the Quebec harvest is down.  Significantly.  I’ve heard reports of 30% or more.  Quebec did not have any mechanism to enact a volume regulation, but it seems that Mother Nature has dealt them one anyway.  So, for those who are following….Wisconsin is down, how much will be seen, but maybe 15%.  Quebec is down 30%.  Massachusetts may be off a tick, not much.  New Jersey?  Oregon? Washington and Vancouver?  I know you guys read the blog, so how about a report??  

Early reports from WI harvest

6 Oct

Last year Wisconsin delivered just north of 6,000,000 bbls of fruit and around 290-295 bbls per acre.

Early reports from the first week of the 2017 harvest is that the crop is down from 2016 some 15-20%. Doing a little mental math, a 15% drop gets you to a crop size of 5.1mm bbls. A 15% handler set aside of that number would get you down to what, 4.3mm bbls? That would be a significant tightening of the supply of fruit for the dryers in WI. Combine a down WI crop with a significantly down Quebec crop and I’m thinking old Mother Nature might taken Back a bit. Time will tell.

What are we seeing in other regions??

More photos of the WI harvest from up top

6 Oct

Some cranberry harvest fun from a Wisconsin super mom!

30 Sep