National Geographic article

1 Dec

Worth a read

A fun cranberry harvest video

23 Nov

American Berry Company purchases CranGrow plant in Warrens WI

17 Nov

Just in case you missed the big announcement from last week….

2020 Wisconsin crop update

17 Nov

The 2020 cranberry crop turned out to be great in color and quality and not so great in volume. In 2019 WI delivered 4,485,000 bbls. That was down from 5,271,000 bbls in 2018. I think all growers thought preharvest that we had an average crop coming in, and in fact the CMC themselves estimated 5,500,000 and NASS estimated 5,600,000? Something like that. So, what did we deliver? The official numbers don’t get reported until after 12/31 and officially reported out until the first of February or so, but it looks like WI delivered a 2020 crop of 4,700,000 bbls, significantly down from expectations.

The Wisconsin crop is down considerably from the record 6,000,000 bbls in 2016 and inventories have been reduced due to a marketing order on the 2017 and 2018 crops.

I’m hearing that in the rest of the US, the crops are not stellar, nor is the crop in Canada. So we will see a worldwide crop similar to last years…which was a short crop.

The only pesky problem is the concentrate inventory which should be taken care of by the wonderful Tik Tok video of that guy (and everyone else) chugging CranRasperry.! Love. It.

Ah, another growing season begins….

9 May

 I’ve been hiding out and not posting.  After last year’s terrible crop almost everywhere, it is easy to be optimistic about this year’s crop.  I mean, seriously, can Mother Nature hit us three years running?

We are seriously hoping for some seasonal averages here in WI.  How is your sprinkler coverage?  Here are a few photos from up top…the camera doesn’t lie.



WI crop update

25 Oct

Here we are on October 25th and the old saying “big crops get bigger and small crops get smaller” seem to be coming true in WI. There are stories about the northern marshes being down 40-50%. In the Warrens area I know of one grower that went from a 400 bbl average to 300. And another that went from 300 bbl average to 210bbl. The receiving stations are looking for fruit. I’ve only heard of two growers whose crops that are even or up from last year.

Obviously we won’t know for a couple more weeks.

The CMC estimate from last August was a WI crop estimate of 5,200,000 bbls. If we are off 20% that is a solid 1,040,000 bbls of fruit. That is the equivalent of 52,000,000 lbs or 1300 container loads of dried cranberries. And a lot of concentrate. (My estimates. Take it for what it is worth)

I haven’t heard much from other regions, but due to the sheer size of the WI crop, they would all have to be up 30-40% to make up for WI.

This is going to get very interesting.

2019 harvest photos WI

17 Oct

A couple more

More 2019 WI harvest photos

17 Oct

This is not an average crop in WI. Pretty disappointing.

2019 Wisconsin crop may be down 20% over last year

16 Oct

It has been a long time since I’ve been compelled to post. But this WI crop is a major disappointment.

The latest inventory report on the 2017 crop is stunning.

28 Sep

Read it Here

sorry all, the link wouldn’t post, so look in the website, under industry reports.