A big day for Cranberry Growers Cooperative….CranGrow

13 Aug

New plant

We had a large crowd in Warrens to celebrate the opening of our new plant!  Thanks to everyone who joined us.  We look forward to the future!

Harvest has started in Wisconsin and it looks beautiful!

14 Sep

Nicest guy I know….in Massachusetts!

9 Sep

We can say a lot about John Decas…and This article says most of it.  What is doesn’t say is that John Decas is one heck of a story teller and jokester.  Come out to WI John! We missed you at the CMC. 

A nice article about Massachusetts growers

8 Sep
A Growing Legacy

There is a new berry in Cranberry Country!

30 Aug

Congrats to the Nemitz family for bringing Aronia berries to Wisconsin, well at least to cranberry country. And congrats too to Chris Krueger for his work as well. Read about it Here.

CMC crop forecast

30 Aug

I don’t remember the CMC releasing the crop forecast in this manner before, but the report is accurate and Here it is.  What do you think the crop looks like in your neck of the woods?  Wisconsin looks to be every berry of the 5.8mm bbl projection…but we will know for sure when that last truck drives off the scale.

I have to admit, we are pretty excited for our ribbon cutting at our new CranGrow processing plant in Warrens!

10 Aug