Wisconsin crop??

24 Sep

I am starting to hear some rumblings about a less than stellar WI crop. Back in July at the CMC, the estimate was about 5.5mm bbls up from 4.9 delivered in 2014. Then a few weeks back I heard that OSpray was thinking more like 5mm bbls for this year, or more in line with the 2014 crop and a far cry from the 6mm 2013 crop. Now I’ve just heard that some of the newer varieties in WI are showing some rot, 8-10%. I don’t know how widespread it is. And I don’t know if that is figured into the estimates or not….but as one wise man (you know who you are) once told me “big crops get bigger and small crops get smaller”…. I’m thinking that there might be a scramble for sdc berries for the WI dryers…..

September in Wisconsin

8 Sep

I get worried when my blog stats fly off the roof on a random Tuesday in September.  Makes me wonder if anything is going on in cranberry land that I don’t know about.  (I am sure there are LOTS of things I don’t know about!)  What I do know is that the industry people think the Wisconsin crop is ok, not huge, not small.  That would probably be a good thing.

I also know that there are lots of things going on with the lawsuit.  Depositions have begun or are close to starting. Subpoenas have been issued and answered.  Both sides are lining up experts and building their case.  This case is on a relative fast track as these things go, but I don’t think anyone should bank on big bucks (if any) soon.  If you are an independent grower struggling to make ends meet, don’t plan on this lawsuit as a bailout.  Get to your bank and work something out.

I saw new releases that Oregon was harvesting already!  Now that is a surprise as I understand  that they usually harvest really late, sometimes early November.  I think that this early harvest was due to newer varieties that color up early, and the majority of Oregon has a ways to go until harvest.

Lawsuit information meeting

7 Aug

Ms. Prehn: 

This office is Oregon co-counsel in the case against Ocean Spray venued in Massachusetts (Case # CV-12016-RWZ).


Thank you for your informative blog you have created for cranberry growers.


We are having a meeting on August 13, 2015 at 7 pm at the Barn (Bandon’s Conference and Community Center) in Bandon, Oregon. The purpose of the meeting is to update Oregon Independent cranberry growers and Oregon Ocean Spray B pool cranberry growers concerning the status of the lawsuit. Much has happened since our last meeting. All such growers are invited to attend.


I would appreciate it if you would post a Notice of this meeting on your blog. If you have any questions please contact me.


Thank you,


Shala McKenzie Kudlac

Carleton Law Offices

Bandon, Oregon



News from Wisconsin

2 Aug

Nothing new, lots new…depends on your point of view. 

 Wisconsin seems to be growing a good crop.  Maybe not as small as last year, but not as big as two years ago.  A good solid crop.  I hear the same is true in Quebec.  Mass is up, the crop is good there.  Vancouver might be up a little.  The west coast is needing rain.  The drought is probably out there is probably good for growing a good crop, but not so much for harvesting it.  Haven’t heard much about New Jersey.  So all in all a good crop.  Not the biggest ever, but we still know how to grow them.  
The lawsuit drama is picking up steam.  Subpoenas have been issued.  Discovery is taking place as I type.   For the larger handlers the amount of information requested is laborious, due to the length of time the subpoenas cover….the one I saw covered 2004 until  present.  One handler estimated 100,000s of pages.  Oh my.  And both sides are requesting documents…can’t blame this all on one side.  I don’t know how this ends.  Mainly because I can’t see how all that information will be distilled down to usable data.  I hope someone has a plan!  One thing seems sure…the judge in the case has the process rolling along.  Don’t ask for delays, because she is not inclined to grant them.  I like this lady! Finally after 3 years we are getting some action/resolution.  And resolution is what I want so we can all go back to selling cranberries.  The best solution.  

The last reporting period for the CMC indicated some good news…but really didn’t it seem that our sales increases were to the Gov’t and that the inventory still remains in concentrate?? The CMC is coming up in a few weeks out in MA.  I’m thinking they will report numbers and look at each other.  Tell some stories in the hallways. Hear about our good marketing efforts…and (rightly) congratulate Michelle on becoming the ED.  I wish we were using the tools available to us re supply, but sadly that isn’t the case.  

Finally, price hell for the independent growers continues.  

Blossom in WI

24 Jun


Re: meetings with lawyers on the lawsuit

24 Jun

I went to the meeting that the lawyers representing the plaintiffs vs OSpray held to update independent growers on this lawsuit. Pretty interesting stuff. I’m not going to get into the details, but suffice it to say, you had to be there. But I will post the firm’s website regarding the suit, so you can follow it here


the Supremes vs raisins

22 Jun

Some of you might be following the raisin case in the Supreme Court. The court handed down their ruling


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