lawsuit stuff #2

27 Mar



Sorry for the earlier post, I tried to do it from my phone and I am not that tech savvy…

Lawsuit stuff

27 Mar

Be-a-Star Recipe #Cranwars Are On: crantastic entries making their way in

24 Mar

Be-a-Star Recipe #Cranwars Are On: crantastic entries making their way in.

Fruit D’or news

24 Mar

You don’t have to be able to read French to understand that this is a heartbreaking story. Our heart goes out to Martin and Simon and all the folks at Fruit D’Or.

Good news for all cranberry growers

5 Mar

i love to see good news about NEW products that contain real cranberries. The products mentioned in this article and the associated health benefits seem really good to me.  Keep up the good work everyone and let’s put cranberries in our cranberry products.

New Raisin cranberry bran

4 Mar

I’ve heard about this product and looked for it at my local Pic and Save but have yet to try it. Here is an interesting take…

No volume regulation for the 2015 crop.

20 Feb

We are significantly over supplied, but the committee fails to act. Not surprised.


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